Wisconsin Real Estate Licensing Courses at Hayes University

Hayes University offers students the best Wisconsin has to offer in salesperson pre-license education.  Our program gives the student choices to study in a way that best suits their needs utilizing the Wisconsin REALTORS Association Online Course which is an approved course by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.  With this course, books are provided and to navigate the course, the student reads a chapter in the book and then does practice activities online.   If the LIVE Class option is chosen, then those books are brought to class and the homework is completed online. Proof of completion of this course is submitting online the practice quizzes and practice exam.  No specific number of hours is required for the online option.

For information on Wisconsin Real Estate pre-licensing courses, click here

Prior to working with Caleb, we did around 2 dozen flips over the course of 10 years. Although profitable, our system was haphazard and lacked structure for leverage. After Caleb’s systems were put into our flipping business, we have been able to start the process of moving it from an active and chaotic revenue source to a structured system. The goal is to create passive income with a flipping business and without Caleb’s coaching and process, it would never happen. Now, we are in the process of turning our business to passive income after 3 short months of implementation. We got lucky and made money in the past flipping homes, and now we have a business platform. If you want to get purposeful, do what he teaches.

Grant Maiman