About Hayes University

Hayes University for Aspiring Real Estate Professionals

Hayes University helps aspiring real estate professionals in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area obtain their real estate licenses. We also have an online program available to learn everything you need to know about flipping houses.

About Caleb Hayes, Real Estate & House Flipping Instructor

To date, Caleb has flipped more than 115 properties. From a young age, Caleb knew his passion was real estate and especially investment properties. Once he purchased his first investment property after high school, Caleb was hooked. By age 24, he knew he wanted to pursue real estate as a lifelong business, and became the Operating Principal of a Keller Williams office in Green Bay. Not long after, he opened another office in Appleton. Caleb continues to grow with Keller Williams and enjoys positively impacting the lives of others as much as Keller Williams has impacted his.

Prior to working with Caleb, we did around 2 dozen flips over the course of 10 years. Although profitable, our system was haphazard and lacked structure for leverage. After Caleb’s systems were put into our flipping business, we have been able to start the process of moving it from an active and chaotic revenue source to a structured system. The goal is to create passive income with a flipping business and without Caleb’s coaching and process, it would never happen. Now, we are in the process of turning our business to passive income after 3 short months of implementation. We got lucky and made money in the past flipping homes, and now we have a business platform. If you want to get purposeful, do what he teaches.

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