Flipping Houses – Online Course

Hayes University is home to Caleb Hayes’ popular online course where he teaches everything you need to know about flipping houses. Caleb shares the tools he used to grow his business from a single flip while attending college, to a team that now renovates and sells over 50 homes a year!

Flipping Houses - Online Course Details Our 17 Video Course Will Help You Grow Your House Flipping Business

The Flipping Houses online video course includes 17 videos (1:04:56 run time) that detail Caleb Hayes’ system for flipping houses with a $20,000 profit margin built into each project. Caleb will discuss researching properties, crafting the best offer, managing your projects, and marketing your properties.

We hope these videos inform you on the best practices and risks of flipping houses and encourage you to follow your purpose, your mission, and your Big Why.

  • Price: $50.00
  • Duration: At your own pace
  • Time: 1:04:56 run time

This online course does not have any homework or assignments. Instead, take what you learn from the videos and apply them to your house flipping business.

After you purchase the Flipping Houses online video course, you’ll receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the full video library.

Flipping Houses - Course Introduction

What Our Students Say Read Reviews from Past Students

  • Hayes University - Flipping Houses Course Student Maria Arriaga

    Learned How to Make the Most Profit

    Before working with Caleb, I knew about flipping but not how to make the most profit. I have gained so much knowledge and experience from Caleb that I have been able to apply to my flipping business and increase our profit. I would recommend Caleb’s knowledge and insight for anyone seriously looking to get into the flipping business.

    Maria Arriaga
  • Hayes University - Flipping Houses Course Student Grant Maiman

    Able to Take Our Business to the Next Level

    Prior to working with Caleb, we did around 2 dozen flips over the course of 10 years. Although profitable, our system was haphazard and lacked structure for leverage. After Caleb’s systems were put into our flipping business, we have been able to start the process of moving it from an active and chaotic revenue source to a structured system. The goal is to create passive income with a flipping business and without Caleb’s coaching and process, it would never happen. Now, we are in the process of turning our business to passive income after 3 short months of implementation. We got lucky and made money in the past flipping homes, and now we have a business platform. If you want to get purposeful, do what he teaches.

    Grant Maiman

Increase Your Profit & Grow Your House Flipping Business Follow Your Big Why